I started this web on the 4th of February 2016, so please consider it far from complete. It is merely a pre-alfa prototoype, also the content is still mostly not present.

Ph.D. research area

Processing of biological neural signals in hardware
  - neural recordings - direct electrode brain interface
  - currently working on inter-ictal spike detection from intracranial iEEG recordings
  - developing detection algorithms, classifiers, statistical analysis
  - visualisation and detection software development, currently the fastest existing for the task 
  - would like to orient on neuroprosthetics in future
  - see publications section

Scientific publications

  Kesner F., Cimbalnik J., Dolezalova I., Brazdil M. and Sekanina L.
  Fast automated interictal spike detection in iEEG/ECoG Recordings,
  In Proceedings of NEUROTECHNIX: International Congress on Neurotechnology,
  Electronics and Informatics. SCITEPRESS, 2015 (Lisabon, Portugal),

  Kesner F.
  Evolutionary design of digital circuits at transistor level,
  Proceedings of the 20th Conference STUDENT EEICT 2014,
  Brno University of Technology: FIT & FEEC

  Kesner F.
  Design of Digital Circuits at Transistor Level (Evolutionary based),
  Department of Computer Systems, Brno University of Technology,

  Kesner F.
  MRI Data Processing Acceleration on GPU (Neural tractography based on DTI),
  Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Brno University of Technology,


If you are interested, at this moment, only mostly random image gallery is available gallery of projects

Curriculum Vitae

CV.pdf [ download ]

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